You might think fruit trees are messy. For some reason we live and shrug with falling acorns, pine cones and straw and thick magnolia leaves – none of which we eat. FTPOG has forged a strong relationship with Concrete Jungle, an organization that harvests fruit trees upon request, and that splits the harvest between the owners and food pantries.
Our goals are simple; we want our neighbors in Tucker, especially the youngsters, to eat more fruit and cut back on their sugar-fortified, processed food eating habits. But FTOPG cannot do it alone. While many of our fellow Tuckerites have contributed plants and rolled up their sleeves and helped us dig and mulch, we welcome more of you.

While Tucker folks decided whether or not cityhood was in our best interest, citizen involvement flourished. Attendance at festivals on Main Street skyrocketed; Community Art in Tucker designed a colorful mural for the bleak wall in front of the Rec Center with an amazing number of volunteer painters; Tucker High STEM and Beta students invested countless hours on establishing the Cofer Park Pollinator Garden, including digging the Hugelkultur beds. And, Tucker now has a theater group that has featured two plays to standing room only audiences.

FTPOG believes that this burgeoning energy and spirit will bring additional eager volunteers to help us plant more and more fruit trees and bushes in the future and that everyone who wants a fruit tree in their front yard will have at least one. We also believe that Community Harvests will become annual neighborhood and city-wide events, circled on calendars throughout Tucker.

Trees Build Community - Tucker Parks Orchard Guild